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Dr. EK Damodaran

Learn Malayalam from the Expert!

Learn and enjoy the rich and sweet language Malayalam, in the ecstasy of most scientific and structured learning process and enlightenment

We shall learn this globally popular phonetic Malayalam language through listening, writing, and reading. The most scientific, structured, and meta-cognitive strategic way of learning makes the learning process very lucid and easy.

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Malayalam Language

Malayalam is one of the most beautiful, sweet, and rich languages in the world. Though it is the native language of Kerala, a state situated in the southern part of India is popular across the globe and it is even more beautiful to learn. Malayalam is a phonetic language having a direct correspondence between symbols and sounds. The language has more than 1000 years history. Among more than 6,500 languages in the world Malayalam is the world’s 27th most spoken language; with English at the top & Mandarin the second

Learn Individually

One to one coaching

Learn In groups

Minimum 3 maximum 6 Students

Flexible Time Zone

Learn at your convenience

Learning Malayalam

Learning Malayalam can help you in traveling through Kerala- The God’s Own Country and the paradise on earth, or to move there, or to watch and enjoy Malayalam movies, or to have an ever-loving, handsome or beautiful spouse from Kerala as a life partner, and speak or to have business with a Malayali partner, or to interact with your friends in nearly 100% literate Kerala.

The unique learning technique

It is easy to learn any language by concentrating on its four basic language skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Conquering any language is easy if it’s taught in a scientific & and structured method. Though Malayalam is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, but trust me, it is among the easiest if taught in a proper way.  One will enjoy learning Malayalam and I will be teaching it with its culture and tradition. So, Learn and enjoy the rich and sweet language Malayalam, in the ecstasy of most scientific and structured learning process and enlightenment

The Learning process

The predefined elementary level course will be of 60 hrs. The course shall be completed in 30 sessions of 2 hours each.

The course consists of:

At the end of the 5th session, one will be able to write read his own name, two-letter words, etc.

You can learn Malayalam with me in two ways.

1. Individually

2. In a group of minimum 3 maximum 5


Satisfied Students

What My Happy Students Say.

Dr. Damodaran is one of the most humble, enthusiastic, and motivating mentors I have ever known. Though our interactions were limited to online due to the ongoing pandemic, the energy he brings to his Malayalam class sessions is tremendous. What clearly stands out in Dr. Damodaran as a Malayalam teacher, is the faith and confidence he has on his students. His sincerity is motivating – the way he customises the lessons, and the original reference material developed by him makes it a lot more easier for us to understand. Learning a new language is as it a challenging task, full of anxious moments. It is to Damodaran Sir’s credit that he mentored us with his patience, diligence, and encouragement. For both Malayalees and others who are keen to learn Malayalam, Damodaran sir is the mentor who can make the difference

Prof. Tarun Deep Girdher

Graphic Design, National Institute of Design , Ahmedabad

I wanted to learn Malayalam and was enquiring about its classes everywhere. I got to know about Prof. Damodaran sir from my friend who is polyglot and she came as a savior. I was glad to be a part of Malayalam Elementary class followed by Advance class. With global pandemic hitting the world, initially I was little concerned if I will be able to manage to learn the language by online classes. But Prof. Damodaran has changed that thought completely. His structured teaching which well-planned and easy to follow study material was has helped me a lot to pick up the language and learn the basics. His efforts to go an extra mile and prepare customized notes which will help us to relate/ converse in our daily lives has been super helpful. I really liked the flexibility of the course and sir being very accommodative as it worked well with my busy office schedules. I enjoyed the teaching and enrolled for the advance class as well. This class has helped me to become self-reliant and read-write in Malayalam on my own. Sir’s technique of teaching has been always helpful and boosted the confidence in myself. This totally changed my perception that I won’t be able to learn this toughest Indian language to ‘Yes, I can read, write and speak in Malayalam’. I would definitely recommend Damodaran sir if anybody is looking forward to learn the language from the roots. Thank you sir for all your help and efforts as always.

Pooja Shivaratri

Professional, Mumbai