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Dr. EK Damodaran

I am Prof. E.K.Damodaran, holding a Doctorate in Higher Education, a native Malayalam speaker from Kerala, residing in Gujarat, India. Now HoD of Malayalam in a Deemed University and taught Malayalam to number of students across the globe. Language is an indispensable life skill helping us to get connected with everything and the rest of the world. A language is not just some words but it personified with its culture, tradition and amalgamation of community as a whole.
With me, you will not only learn the Malayalam language scientifically in a structured manner, but you will also learn the culture, tradition, and heritage attached to it, making it more effective and easily communicable. We shall learn this phonetic Malayalam language through listening, writing, and reading. The most scientific, structured, and meta-cognitive strategic way of learning makes the learning process very lucid, easy, interesting, exciting and with celebrations.

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Individual: USD 300/- (30 sessions of 2 Hrs. each)
In group(Min 3 to Max 6 Students): USD 700/- (30 sessions of 2 Hrs. each)


Depending on the global clock timing.
For the group: A common time.
For individuals: Mutually agreed time.

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