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Course –Course for Malayalam Language

Course duration: 60 hrs. in 30 sessions of 2 Hours each

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Subject Aim

In this course, the students shall learn to listen, to read, to write and to speak Malayalam basic + level.

Outcome of the Course

After successfully completion of this course, the students shall acquire enough vocabulary of Malayalam words in normal use, enough skill of writing / reading paragraphs at basic + level, understanding day to day conversation, can speak with head high while travelling to Malayalam speaking countries, can write letter, emails and make own sentences and can converse with native speakers handling the language well at beginner level.

Download Detailed Syllabus here

2 + 8 =

Course Contents

  • Introduction, Greetings
  • Vowels & Consonants and their transformation
  • Diacritics, Compound letters
  • Two / Three letter words/ Rhymes
  • Important Verbs / Tenses / Sentences
  • Conjunction / Cases / Pronouns
  • Body parts/ Opposite words / Relations
  • Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Taste buds
  • Animals, Birds etc
  • Conversations at different level and occasions

Let's Learn Together!

If you are keen to learn Malayalam, send me your details. We will start the course ASAP.