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What my Happy Students Say.

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Dr. Damodaran is one of the most humble, enthusiastic, and motivating mentors I have ever known. Though our interactions were limited to online due to the ongoing pandemic, the energy he brings to his Malayalam class sessions is tremendous. What clearly stands out in Dr. Damodaran as a Malayalam teacher, is the faith and confidence he has in his students. His sincerity is motivating – the way he customises the lessons, and the original reference material developed by him makes it a lot more easier for us to understand. Learning a new language is as it a challenging task, full of anxious moments. It is to Damodaran Sir’s credit that he mentored us with his patience, diligence, and encouragement. For both Malayalees and others who are keen to learn Malayalam, Damodaran sir is the mentor who can make the difference.

Prof. Tarun Deep Girdher

Graphic Design, National Institute of Design , Ahmedabad

I wanted to learn Malayalam and was enquiring about its classes everywhere. I got to know about Prof. Damodaran sir from my friend who is polyglot and she came as a savior. I was glad to be a part of Malayalam Elementary class followed by Advance class. With global pandemic hitting the world, initially I was little concerned if I will be able to manage to learn the language by online classes. But Prof. Damodaran has changed that thought completely. His structured teaching which well-planned and easy to follow study material was has helped me a lot to pick up the language and learn the basics. His efforts to go an extra mile and prepare customized notes which will help us to relate/ converse in our daily lives has been super helpful. I really liked the flexibility of the course and sir being very accommodative as it worked well with my busy office schedules. I enjoyed the teaching and enrolled for the advance class as well. This class has helped me to become self-reliant and read-write in Malayalam on my own. Sir’s technique of teaching has been always helpful and boosted the confidence in myself. This totally changed my perception that I won’t be able to learn this toughest Indian language to ‘Yes, I can read, write and speak in Malayalam’. I would definitely recommend Damodaran sir if anybody is looking forward to learn the language from the roots. Thank you sir for all your help and efforts as always.

Pooja Shivaratri

Professional, Mumbai

Professor E.K.Damodaran is an amazing teacher. Regardless of how you like to learn, he will adapt his style to suit every student’s level and needs. With his enthusiasm and optimism, he is able to make learning this beautiful language very simple, straightforward, and fun. The notes are comprehensive and the teaching model is very clear, so we get the necessary concepts and vocabulary. He also always makes class interesting, as he teaches not only the Malayalam language, but also the history and culture that goes along with it. With his help, we have been able to learn an immense amount in a very small amount of time. We would recommend him to anyone who would like to learn Malayalam.

Angela and Abel C.

Student, Canada

Though born in a Malayali family I didn’t know to read or write Malayalam but had a strong desire to learn it, so I got enrolled at Malayalam class’s 2023 batch. I was a bit nervous to start with, but Prof. Damodaran sir made the whole concept crystal clear. As he possesses amazing communication skills, he adapted interactive learning pattern, which eased the learning process. Now it’s easy for me to read and write Malayalam, and Damodaran sir is the main reason for this transition in me. Thanks a lot for showing faith in me. I will recommend my other friends (non-Malayalees) to join the classes with Prof. Damodaran Sir.

Abey George


Malayalam classes taught by Prof. Damodaran sir is a wonderful experience. Sir has a unique method of teaching where a student can learn step by step with fun. The best part is, he never takes a new topic till each and every student is clear. He is always before time, keeping the system ready and welcomes the student. This shows his sincerity and passion for teaching. He has put in great effort and personally designed the study material in a very simplified way. Further, he also takes regular test to check the efficiency of the student and motivates them. I was not knowing a word of Malayalam but today, I can read, write and speak Malayalam. The credit goes to Damodaran sir and I wish him the best.

Lizy Kurian


My journey for learning Malayalam with Prof. (Dr.) DAMODARAN SIR and my Batch-mates is really so nice. I can enrich my level of Malayalam due to Damodaran sir’s encouragements and various easy techniques for learning the beautiful language Malayalam. Sir teaches us Malayalam lessons so simply and bother-less. He knows my abilities and limitations very well and teach me according to it. Besides teaching Malayalam language Damodaran sir always anxious for my health and gave me some health tips also. He is every time ready to help me for teaching Malayalam and various lessons of life. Damodarn sir is not only a teacher but guardian to me. I will never forget the precious time I spend with him. THANK YOU SO.. So MUCH SIR.


Sunil Kumar Anand

Batch No 19 batch

Thank-you so much Sir for the guidance and teaching us and providing us with the best knowledge.

I’m really grateful to you. Because of you I’m able to read and write also now and I’m able to speak too. Thank you for always correcting my mistakes because of that I learned all the small small details from you. Thank you sir. Your patience, wisdom, and unwavering support have shaped me into a better individual.  Happy Teacher’s Day to the best mentor!

Forever grateful to have a teacher like you.

Nandini Charan

Prof. Damodaran is an adipoli ( J ) Malayalam teacher. Everyone who wishes to learn this beautiful language, please join his classes! I can warmly recommend him and I’m very proud that I could be a part of his batch. Because of him, I learned how to read, how to pronounce, and how to write Malayalam (still I can’t believe this, seriously! J), also he gave a lot of knowledge about people and culture. Although time differences (I’m living in Germany, during wintertime 4,5hrs difference), working in shifts and additionally a part of my family fell sick, Sir always made it possible for me to join and not to leave me behind. He always took very much care of me to learn as much and good as possible, even in my situation – and most important – always with a lot of fun and joy! Can’t believe how fast time was running now. I will never forget this and I want to say a BIG thank you!!  Keep on going, you are doing great, Sir! J

Alexandra O.

Professional, Germany

I spent over 8 months learning Malayalam from Prof. Damodaran sir during the COVID pandemic. He is a thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of effort and planning into every class. He creates a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages every student to speak the language. He is great at building confidence and goes out of his way to support every student. He is well organized, very tech savvy and engages a virtual class as efficiently as a physical classroom. His passion for teaching is beyond words. Every time I successfully read a Malayalam sign board, it’s him that I thank 😊

Ms.Devi Konisetti

Professional, Hyderabad

The method of teaching is very nice / I wonderful  that even  everyone can understand the teaching method it’s really clearing the concept. Really happy with your teaching. Really it’s a great opportunity that we got you as a teacher / guru. Hats off to you  for your dedication hard work that you put in every child or student .

Nandna Nair

Student, Gujarat

Prof. Damodaran is an effective Malayalam teacher. I learnt from him for the basic and advanced levels. Within these 2 courses, he was able to instill confidence in me to speak the language, despite occasional grammar mistakes. He is always encouraging and humorous, and makes lessons fun and memorable. On top of learning the language, I also learnt a lot about the customs, culture and norms of Kerala, which really helped in gaining an immersive language experience. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to learn Malayalam as a non-native speaker!

Shraddha Patil

Professional, Singapore

It has been a wonderful experience studying under Dr. Dhamodaran sir, where we all not just learnt the Classical sweet Malayalam language but also the culture and heritage of Kerala..

The depth of understanding, the level of commitment and the arena of learning we got in the class were all unmatchable!

It really has helped me out where I can now speak, read and write Malayalam confidently

Veera Shanti Ram

Professional, Bengaluru

I was fortunate enough to attend the Malayalam classes of Sir, Being a ‘Linguaphile’ I always excited to learn different languages, so I decided to pursue a very different Indian language, so I joined his class in ‘Gujarat Vidhyapith’ and my experience was bombilicious .

He is so endearing, a guide and tender mentor to us, truly he has a beautiful heart to care for each student….He is one of the exuberant and brilliant teacher I have ever experienced.  His lectures have spurred us to sharpen our cognitive skills too. His faith and conviction in the beauty and grandeur of Malayalam language has instilled a sense of pride and confidence in all the students. We cherished all his lectures with love and affection.

I cannot thank you enough for nourishing my mind and heart through your lectures and conversations. You always inspired all of the students of the Malayalam class.

May you continue to ignite the minds of countless students through your passion and commitment to teaching.

Swara Shah

Entrepreneur, Ahmedabad